The founders of NatGlycan believe that if the complex glycans from glycoconjugates could be made easily accessible, rapid advancements in understanding their roles in biology and disease would follow.

Our mission is to use our proprietary technology for the oxidative release of natural glycans (ORNG) to generate unprecedented quantities of complex glycans. 

We have currently scaled the ORNG procedure to process up to 10 kg of animal tissues and organs; and based on our results the amount of tissue we can process is limited only by the size of the equipment we have available. 

Our current inventory of purified glycans will can be seen in our Catalog on our PRODUCTS page.

This inventory is limited only by the resources we have to process large quantities of natural products. Therefore, if you have need for large quantities of specific glycans, we will be your partner in determining the best natural source and develop the process for their isolation. 

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