Senior Director for Research

NatGlycan LLC provides highly purified, biologically relevant glycans and glycan derivatives to investigators in the area of functional glycomics ( Having recently been awarded a Phase II SBIR Grant, the company is seeking to hire a Senior Director for Research, who will report directly to the Chief Scientific Officer and CEO. The company is commercializing natural glycans produced using a proprietary process.  The successful candidate to this position will be an individual with a MS, PhD or equivalent experience in the area of carbohydrate chemistry or biochemistry, and preferably with expertise in glycan purification, analytics, and structural analysis. The successful candidate should also have an appreciation for process development and a willingness to work toward establishing manufacturing protocols in a quality-controlled environment. The starting salary for this position will be commensurate with experience, and the successful candidate will also be eligible for company ownership opportunities based on accomplishments and the success of the company.  If interested, please submit a CV via email to or contact us at our Booth at the 2020 Society for Glycobiology Virtual Annual Meeting.